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This is based off some discord roleplay servers I made, this holds the community's members, the characters and their roles, and the jokes-- this is still a WIP since of 6/16/18-- this is Hazel, signing out.

The Valiant Wings timeline is where there are conflicts that have birds in it, this idea is silly but it doesn't matter, it was founded by Hazel on April, 4th, 2018. It has atleast somewhere near 22 members, it is a small wiki and community-- yet active, the wiki was created on 6/16/2018 and has been there since. Valiant wings was created from a joke that was made in a Warrior cats server, it is similar to the 2005 movie, Valiant. It shares a name part with the movie.


Hazel (Owner)

Tricky (Co Owner)

Slash (Admin)

Brint Colly (Admin)

Mage (Admin)

Kasukake (Admin)

Fluffy (Admin)

Peanut (Admin)

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